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Ticket to Darkness is the first part of a stand-alone prequel e-comic for the PC-game Johnny Graves - The Unchosen One.

The story is set in 1889 Paris, where a young Agent of Heaven, Elise, is setting herself up to go on an undercover mission to Hell. With the aid of her magician friend Orrin, she must perform the impossible ritual to send herself across the Mortal Divide and save her sister from the clutches of evil.

What do you think of this e-comic book style? We're considering making more at some point, but testing the waters with this short story first. We'd really appreciate your feedback!

Install instructions

Unzip & launch .exe!


Ticket to Darkness.zip 90 MB


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Maybe add tags about "undercover" or "enforcement" or something?

When is the next one??  Next in the series please! Oh, and don't stop making them.

Thanks, coder134 :) Glad you like it. We're working on something else at the moment, but hopefully we can make more of these one day!